Shopping Centers

Action Security provides clients with automobile patrols as well as foot patrol in shopping centers; providing high visibility and deterrents to crime. At the same time providing a friendly and helpful hand to customers. We provide a full solution to safety issues that due arise from time to time and handle it in a timely and professional manner.

Government Campuses

Action provides security at a variety of government sites, from remote building projects to office buildings, we tailor our security services to our clients needs. These include sensitive sites where children, parents and students are involved. And we can provide armed and unarmed officers to meet the needs of any situation.

Industrial Sites

Action provides security to meet our corporate partners needs. We provide security at access points to ensure the plant safety and continued safe operation. By controlling access, the plant can continue its normal operations without outside interruptions. We ensure only authorized employees have access to plant operations and monitor access into and out of plants through intermittent patrols as well as camera monitors. And any abnormal activity or security breach is documented and reported to the proper authorities according to standard operating procedures developed by Action and its client.